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Are you an INDIVIDUAL LOOKING FOR A CAREER in Property Management?

Are you an OWNER or MANAGER of a Multi-unit residential property looking for employee training or placement services?

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TRAINING GROUP (PMTG) is a recognized leader in providing education, training and placement services to INDIVIDUALS looking to enter the Property Management industry.

Selected by the GTAA * as their sole source training provider, PMTG provides resources and consulting services to OWNERS and MANAGEMENT of …

  • private rentals,
  • condominiums,
  • not-for-profits, 
  • co-operative housing,
  • ICI properties
  • Multi-unit Residential properties

The PMTG team provides services throughout Ontario and ensures that building owner and property manager clients have the qualified human resources and tools required to manage and maintain their portfolio of properties.

* GTAA = Greater Toronto Apartment Association.

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PMTG offers both hands-on practical training, as well as theoretical classroom–based training to ensure graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to meet the job-related expectations of even the most discerning property managers.

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You can become a building superintendent even with little or no technical background.

As long as you have an aptitude and interest, we can provide basic and advanced training for repairs & maintenance in …

  • Plumbing,
  • Electrical,
  • Construction

We also provide training to effectively and efficiently operate in areas such as …

  • Administration,
  • Accounting
  • Vendor Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Life Safety


PTMG helps building owners and property managers find, screen and interview qualified and trained building operations staff for permanent as well as temporary placement positions.


There’s no long and expensive commute to the office every morning. Your job is in the building that you live in.

Your apartment is paid for by the property management company (and 50% of that is not taxable).

You work with people. Residents of the building are your customers and you get to know them very well.

In the process of doing your work, you acquire skills that can be transferred to so many other areas of life and business!

Acquire people skills like …

  • accounting,
  • vendor management,
  • basic construction
Today’s Building Superintendent is the Front Line Manager of a Large Property Investment.
The superintendent is the manager of a business and is responsible for the physical maintenance of the building as an investment as well as for the performance of the investment.
The superintendent is responsible for keeping apartment units occupied, thereby generating maximum rents, as well as for ensuring operating efficiency by keeping waste and costs under control.

The superintendent is also responsible for the safety, security and well being of the tenants. This requires personal initiative and drive, an accommodating attitude, physical strength and endurance to perform daily chores, know-how and practical aptitude to perform maintenance work and repairs, interpersonal skills to deal with tenants and administrative abilities.

In order to fulfill these job requirements, today’s superintendent must be educated and trained as a professional.

To function as an effective building manager, a superintendent must have the educational background and all the training necessary to manage the day-to-day operation of the building and its human environment.

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PMTG works with building owners and property managers to design and deliver custom training that focusing on specific properties and staff training needs.

Training is interactive and combines videos, overheads and hands-on training to complement classroom style instruction.

On-site application of skills can also be incorporated, as appropriate. Both the cost and length of training is negotiated on a case by case basis taking into account the topic, needs of staff and agreed upon learning objectives.

Training can be delivered on site, or, at our PMTG training facilities or a combination of both.

For individuals new to the industry or existing property managers  who just need to “fill-in” a knowledge gap, PMTG also offers targeted individual courses.

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When you need special attention and expert advice to solve a current or emerging business problem, turn to PMTG – we’re here to help.

PMTG recognizes that building owners and property managers face a range of complex issues affecting the operations and profitability of their building sites.

We’ll help you deal with issues and achieve efficient and effective operations.

A few of the consulting and support services offered by PMTG

  • Unit Turn Over Services
  • Completion of Technical Building Audits
  • Tenant Emergency Relocation Services
  • Responding to COVID-19 -PPE and Supplies

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PLACEMENT SERVICES – Permanent or Temporary Positions

Need help staffing one or more of your buildings? We offer you  20+ years of experience and a host of trained and qualified potential candidates.

PMTG responds to the demand for trained and bondable staff to meet either temporary or permanent staffing needs at residential, commercial and industrial properties.

PMTG screens, matches and supplies trained candidates for interview and selection; facilitates the contracting process when the hiring decision is made; sends a PMTG Area Manager on site to assist in acclimatizing the new hire to the site and job; and completes a 3, 6 and 12 month performance review to help ensure continued job success.

PMTG furnishes a six-month guarantee on all its permanent placements and, where required, will provide a suitable replacement candidate at no additional charge.

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Professional Building Management

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The Residential Building Manager is vital to the success of multiple unit properties from small walk-up apartment buildings to large multi-structure complexes. Whether they are privately operated, condominiums or non-profit corporations, the manager’s performance affects the property’s ambiance, physical maintenance, occupants’ satisfaction and financial results. The role of the building manager demands an ever-increasing level of professionalism and competence in a wide variety of areas.

The Building Manager must:

  • be conversant with a broad range of mechanical and technical systems,
  • possess a strong mechanical aptitude and ability,
  • be able to work diplomatically to solve problems in the building,
  • be responsive to residents and be able to work as a team member.
  • must have strong communications, negotiation, and planning and time management skills.

The Certified Residential Building Manager Program builds upon each student’s personal characteristics and attributes to provide professional training that both meets and exceeds the required skill sets for building operations, maintenance and administration and that responds to the changing residential property management industry.


The Building Maintenance Certificate Program is a comprehensive and unique suite of six modules conducted over 12-weeks that is designed to elevate the knowledge and skill level of superintendents and building maintenance staff to ensure that they have the skills needed to address various issues within their buildings.

The program is taught by industry leaders who either instruct, or work in their areas of expertise every day. This ensures that all participants receive the most current, relevant, and accurate information possible to ensure job success.

Open to both employers who are looking to send existing or potential new staff to the training, or to individuals who want to either develop or upgrade their skills, participants can choose any or all the modules to equip participants with the knowledge and experience they need to be successful in their roles.


Professional Building Management Training

Whether you’re an existing building professional looking to upgrade your skills, a new student who wants to take things one step at a time, or an employer who has an individual or team who only needs some specific skills updated, we’ve got a range of individual courses, so students can customize and choose the specific skills required.

Click one of the “+” links below for more information on specific courses.

Learn about different types of unit repairs – from drywall, to glass, and everything in between.
Get the skills you need to affect basic repairs.

After a period of occupancy, resident units often require repair. Units can also be damaged through neglect, vandalism or by accident. Through practical knowledge and hands-on training, students develop skills in basic drywall and tiling techniques, as well as skills in carpentry and how to install and maintain door and door locks, windows and screens, as well as the basics about weatherstripping.

With a full-array of information and hand’s on techniques, participants will master an understanding of the major mechanical, electrical, and structural components of a building, will earn how to conduct building inspections and spot potential issues long before they become problems, manage maintenance and build databases that help property managers track repair plans and manage capital replacement budgets.

This course examines the basic building structure of multi-unit residential buildings including key structural, mechanical and electrical components and systems. Its focus is on how to apply this knowledge to the building inspection process.

Students are provided with a broad perspective on the essential practices required for planning and implementing effective building maintenance programs including an introduction to building audits and database compilation for use in property maintenance

This course focuses on providing an understanding of a building’s plumbing and drainage systems. Learn about the tools necessary to manage any plumbing challenge, to respond to emergencies and oversee contractors.

This course examines the plumbing and drainage systems in high-rise buildings including how water supply, drainage and gas piping systems function and how they are to be maintained in a serviceable condition.

Combining both practical knowledge and hands-on training, students learn how to effectively inspect plumbing installations, identify problems, perform various plumbing repairs, and supervise and/or work with outside plumbing contractors.

Participants will know the importance of regular inspections and locating various shut-off valves or devices. They will be able to effectively use controls, plumbing tools and complete basic plumbing repairs..

This course is designed to provide individuals with information and skills on building electrical systems and basic minor repairs. This course module provides participants with an understanding of electrical terminology, safety rules, tools, wiring and electrical installations, as well as the ensures individuals have the hands-on skills required to perform basic electrical repairs from the wall outward.

Participants learn all the key aspects of fire safety systems including how to develop and implement effective fire safety plans for residential apartment buildings. Through a combination of classroom presentations, demonstrations and our hands-on training panel, this course will provide a comprehensive perspective al fire safety and managing fire planning.

This course examines key aspects of life safety systems and specifically how to develop and implement effective fire safety plans for residential apartment buildings.

 Combining classroom presentations, demonstrations and videos, students learn fire code requirements, the purpose of fire safety planning, roles and responsibilities, and the components of a fire safety plan. This course provides concrete examples of emergency procedures for residential buildings, information on how to control fire hazards, how to maintain building facilities and fire protection equipment and instruction on the use of fire safety systems provided in the building.

AODA – Accessible Customer Service Training

This course which is tailored to individuals in the multi-unit residential rental housing sector, is designed to help you meet compliance training requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Customer Service Standard and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation

This highly interactive course provides participants with information about the AODA legislation and how it applies to everyday work, their buildings, and to their residents. Course participants will learn a bit about what accessible customer service is and how to meet the communication and service needs of people with a range of different disabilities.

This course examines the administrative routines, practices and procedures used to ensure that a multi-unit residential building runs efficiently, effectively and in accordance established standards.

This course assists participants in developing and enhancing the practical skills needed to perform both regular and specialized building administration tasks. The emphasis is on an in-depth understanding of the types of information being managed, and on the accuracy of the documentation of this information being produced.

This course examines basic housekeeping and cleaning procedures required at multi-unit residential buildings and provides students with the skills required to establish and maintain an effective building housekeeping program.

This course includes the importance of a cleaning routine, how to conduct in-suite inspections and complete in-suite cleaning, how to complete general cleaning functions and the use and care of various types of cleaning equipment, chemicals and supplies. The course consists of both classroom instruction on housekeeping tasks and cleaning procedures, and the practical application of skills and use of equipment at an actual building site.

This course provides an introduction to the professional building management and superintendent fields and explores opportunities for employment and job and career advancement in the building management and maintenance industry .

The emphasis is on introducing participants to the range of positions, duties and responsibilities that exist within the real estate/property management marketplace and the types of skills and attributes required in order to effectively work in these environments.

The course provides an overview of the critical Residential Tenancies Act legislation with a focus on the practical aspects of its application in every-day building operations.

Students review what landlords and tenants can and cannot do, how to resolve problems, when to take action and the importance of maintaining thorough and accurate documentation. Through fact situations and exercises, students obtain practical experience in completing appropriate notice forms and other documents.

WHIMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information Safety Training

Our team of qualified Workplace Hazardous Material Information Safety Training instructors provide a comprehensive overview of WHMIS programs and prepare students to complete the online government certification test

This course provides an introduction to the professional building management and superintendent fields and explores opportunities for employment and job and career advancement in the building management and maintenance industry .

The emphasis is on introducing participants to the range of positions, duties and responsibilities that exist within the real estate/property management marketplace and the types of skills and attributes required in order to effectively work in these environments.

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